Entry #3

Black Tea Is Fucking Delicious!!!

2017-01-14 20:45:30 by Zomboii

Hey! So, to anyone interested, I figure it's about time I hop on the "New year, new me" bandwagon. This year, I do plan to set out and have more artwork posted, as well as a comic I'm working on with a few friends at the moment. I also hope to leave my element a bit and try something new, what it'll be I don't know. But, if anyone has anyy recommendations, I'm up to try whatever seems interesting. Aside from that, I just hope to be more active and improve a lot more than i have been this last year. I hope to meet a lot of new people here, make friends, and find other people to work with. So, here's to a new year I suppose. Good luck to everyone. Also....if you leave a mean comment on this post I'll....probably just read it, and let it destroy me slowly over the next ten to twenty years. 


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2017-01-14 20:52:29

Try something new? How about contributing to the Audio Portal? Know what I mean?

Zomboii responds:

I've actually been considering that heavily. Seems like it can be fun.